Lesson menus & Dates

In each lesson, you are going to make two different types of breads and the menus change monthly


~Challah(Braided bredad),



<Challah( Braided bread)>


The Jewish traditional braided bread, similar to brioche in rich flavour and the texture except Challah uses oil instead of butter and uses water instead of milk. Dairy Free.


The braided bread is beautiful to look and so versatile. You can use as a sandwich loaf or serve with main meal, also use it to make pudding.


You will make one Challah and take it home. You will also have chance to have some for lunch. And you are going to master six braids!!



There are nice doughnuts out there, I have to admit, as I’m a massive doughnuts lover!!But the warm doughnut is something else and you can only get if you make your own.

The shop bought doughnuts are always containing dairy products, so if you have to have dairy free diet, you might have given up doughnuts completely. But no more!!This version is dairy free and no compromise in taste.


You are going to make five doughnuts.
Lunch will be served with slices of challah bread with beef steak and salad as the filling.(Vegetarian option available)





(Sun)15th March     Spaces available 

(Mon)16th March   Spaces available


£30 per person


The lesson starts at 10am and aim to finish at 1pm.
Lunch time included.