Lesson menu & dates

This is a 2 hours family lesson.  (Adult and child/ren)
Children have to be 6 years old or older to attend.


~Neapolitan style pizza,
Decorative mini doughnuts~

You will be making both of them at the lesson.

~Neapolitan style pizza~

‘’Pizza’’ is everywhere in the UK ,almost every restaurant has to have them for children meals. You might have already made your own pizza at home.But!!This is not the American style one that you normally see; this is the authentic Italian pizza which takes three days to make!!

Don’t worry, the lesson won’t take that long.

You will be making your own pizza dough at the lesson then take it home.( It will be ready to bake in three days)And at the lesson , you will be shaping ,topping and baking with the dough which I have previously prepared for you.

You will make one pizza each.


The choices of toppings are pizza tomato sauce, olive oil, mozzarella cheese, Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese, basil, rocket salad, prosciutto, ham and mushrooms.


~Decorative mini doughnuts~

We’ve all done decorative cupcakes with children, haven’t we?

Why not try the decorative doughnuts this time to have fun and I will promise you that the taste will be amazing!!

You will also learn a few different way of shaping the dough. You will make 8 mini doughnuts per person.


Lunch will be served with your own made pizza,salad and yogurt with home made jam. As a dessert, you will have your own made mini doughnuts and take the rest home.





(Sat) 4th April   Spaces available

(Sun)5th April  Spaces available

Time and cost

The lesson starts at 11am and aim to finish at 1pm.

The fee is £15 per person.