Lesson Menu & Dates

This is a family lesson.  (Adult and child/ren)
                  Children must be 6 years old or older for 2hours lesson.
                           Children must be 8 years old or older for 3hours lesson.

If the dates that I have set for the holiday term family lesson don't suit you, or if you would like to have a lesson on Sunday,I could arrange a group family lesson which requires minimum of 4 people and maximum of 6 people.So then we can find the date that suits you.

1)Choose the bread that you would like to make from the menu list below.
  (You will make two types of bread at one lesson. The pair of the bread are all set, you cannot mix and match)
2)Contact me to arrange the lesson date.


1. Japanese sausage rolls + Decorative tear & share (3hours lesson)
2. Pumpkin buns with custard filling + Savoury tear & share(October,November only, 3hours lesson)
3. Decorative mini doughnuts + Neapolitan style pizza(2hours lesson)
4. Pain Fantaisie + Turtle buns (2hours lesson)
5. Leopard bread + Cheese & potatoes(3hours lesson)
6. Bread cones with chocolate custard + Japanese style fluffy pancakes(2hours lesson)
7. Art of Focaccia + Strawberry & cream sandwich(make your own sandwich loaf, 2hours lesson)