Group lessons(Bread making)

Just like you go for coffee morning with your friends to catch up with or go for lunch for a birthday cerebration or some special occasions,why don't you come to my lessons,have a great time with your friends and family,learn something new and have a lovely lunch all at the same time?

 Or If the dates that I have set for the monthly lessons don't suit you, I could arrange a group lesson which requires minimum of 2 people and maximum of 6 people(It varies depending on the menus)So then we can find the date that suits you.

1)Choose the bread that you would like to make from the menus list below.
  (You will make two types of bread at one lesson. The pair of the bread are all set, you    cannot mix and match)
2)Contact me to arrange the lesson date.

Menu list

  1. Pitta bread  +  Cinnamon roll tear and share
  2. German Stollen  +  Japanese savoury rolls    <November ,Decmber only>
  3. Japanese steamed buns with pork filling  +  Enriched white loaf
  4. Challah  +  Doughnuts (Dairy free)
  5. Fougasse  +  Kulich(Russian Orthodox Easter bread)  <March,April only>
  6. Pain de Campagne  +  Sugar raisins
  7. Baguette  +  Pizza rolls
  8. Basic sandwich  loaf  +  Dinner rolls
  9. Cinnamon & Chocolate twisted bread  +  Tuna & corn rolls
  10. Danish  +  Focaccia
  11. Apple buns  +  Pain rustique    <October,November,December only>
  12. Panettone  +  Stangen(German bread sticks) <November,December only>
  13. Bacon Epi  +  Melon-pan