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~Tofu making,

  Dishes and dessert making with tofu~

Tofu is made of soya milk,high protein and low fat product,so it is often associated with vegetarian and vegan dishes here in the UK.But in Japan,tofu is a common ingredient for many dishes with or without meat.You cannot talk about Japanese cuisine without tofu.

Tofu is easy and healthy food to cook,extremely mild in taste,so it is versatile.

At the lesson,you are going to make a firm tofu from scratch.Make soya milk from soya beans first,then make tofu with it.
You will also learn to make some dishes using the tofu and a dessert that made of soya bean pulp wchich is remain product when soya beans are filtered to make soya milk.

Lunch will be served with full course tofu meal.
You will take your own made tofu home.


  (Wed)11th March   Spaces available

  (Thu) 12th March   Spaces available


£30 per person


Start at 11am and aim to finish at 1pm.
Lunch time included